TSM’s OPTI-BLEND range of Continuous blending solutions offer total reliability, precision and
process control options ensuring material homogeneity and guaranteeing consistent product
quality. They provide continuous gravimetric and throughput control of up to seven components.
The OPTI-BLEND controls the blend percentages and can also maintain the extruder throughput
at a desired level, i.e. kg/hr control.

 Haul off speed measurement can be added to ensure that the weight per length is controlled
to the desired specification (yield control). This ensures that the product being produced is
maintained at the desired thickness without operator intervention.This mode can be extended to weight per area control through entry, or automatic measurement of material.

 The TSM OPTI-BLEND provides a “dosing” solution to gravimetric blending and extrusion control
for up to 7 components. The primary component is gravity fed directly to the extruder throat and the secondary (side fed materials) maintain recipe ratio via auger feeds.


  • No Material Separation or De-mixing
  • Product Consistency
  • High Accuracy Dispensing up to 0.01% of batch
  • Reduce Scrap from Off-Spec Products
  • Starve-fed or Flood-fed Applications
  • Gravity Fed Main Component allows Recipe Changes "On the Fly
  • Easily Removable, Easy Clean, augers


  • Robust Steel Mechanical Construction
  • High Speed Processor for Demanding Applications
  • Material Usage Inventory
  • Built-in Trending and Data History
  • New Rapid Response Control Algorithm 

User Interface

  • Intuitive Simple Operator Functionality
  • Comprehensive Report/Alarm Management
  • Built-in Accuracy Trending & Data History Management
  • Industry Standard Communication Protocols
  • Material Usage/Inventory Statistics & Reports


  • 1 – 7 Dosing Stations
  • Extruder Kg/Hr Control
  • Weight per Length Control
  • Offline Blending
  • Micro-Dosing


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