TSM's OPTIX range of Extrusion Control blenders combine, in a unique way, accurate gravimetric batch blending together with integrated extrusion control using Loss-in-Weight principle. This results in exceptional ultra fast throughput measurement and control of the extrusion process.The OPTIX range can accommodate up to 8 material components of various bulk densities and throughputs of up to 800kg/hr(1,760lbs/hr).


  • Faster, more Accurate Control Response
  • Faster Throughput Measurement
  • Instantaneous Response to Process Disturbances
  • Superior Weighing & Mixing
  • Accuracy up to +/- 0.5% of target set point


  • Robust Steel Mechanical Construction
  • Patented Reverse Flight Auger for Superior Mixing of Materials
  • High Speed Processor for Demanding Applications
  • Material Usage Inventory
  • Combines Batch Blending with Loss-in-Weight Control
  • Built-in Trending and Data History
  • New Rapid Response Control Algorithm 

User Interface

  • Intuitive simple Operator Functionality
  • Comprehensive Report/Alarm Management
  • Built-in Trending & Data History Management
  • Industry Standard Communication Protocols
  • Material Usage/Inventory Statistics & Reports


  • Automatic Cleaning
  • Extrusion Yield Control
  • Powder & Liquid Dosing
  • Micra –Dose Additive Feeder
  • 100% Regrind Procesing


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