TSM’s high performance, centrally controlled vacuum conveying system, covering all aspects of modern conveying technology for plastic materials, offers flexible solutions for your simple requirements as well as the more complex demands. Our material handling systems provide optimum stability and consistency and are the industry standard for trouble free conveying of plastic pellets and regrinds. Many years of experience in the plastics processing industry enable TSM engineers to accurately size conveying systems for reliable, cost-effective loading of any gravimetric or in-plant distribution system and answer’s the needs of processors who cannot afford to worry about the reliability of their material transfer systems.


Typical systems include a microprocessor-based sequencing control console  with a single serial connection to sub stations (VAC 8 Modules) that supervise multiple vacuum receivers.   All vacuum receivers are connected to a VAC 8 module, each of which has its own micro-controller.

The VAC 8 monitors and controls the operation of up to 8 individual vacuum receivers.When material is required, a signal is passed to the VAC 8 requesting permission to fill, (opening suction valve.)
Each individual receiver is allocated a ranking called a “fill priority” which ranges from one to five. This ranking of filing priority reflects the rate of each components usage to ensure the main components are given the highest priority.

Various filling sequences can be pre-programmed by the operator depending upon priority of material requirements - making optimum use of each pump to ensure that a process is never starved of material. Pre-Fill, Fill and Post-Fill times for each loader may be entered via the TSM Sequencing  Panel.

Suction ceases when the fill time elapses or when the loader fills (optional material level sensor).Suction can also be terminated at any time by the sequencer; for example, when over-ride is asserted for another unit.



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