There are many challenges facing Blown Film producers
including energy and material costs, waste & scrap
reduction, higher productivity, consistent quality and
inventory management.

TSM are working with our customers to address these
challenges and can offer a complete solution to producers
in the Blown Film sector utilising our full range of products
and over 35 years of expertise.

The Blown Film segment has always been a central focus
for TSM and as a result TSM’s unique patents and product
portfolio have evolved to address the requirements of the
blown film segment and to support agile production and
fast order changes.

Of primary importance to producers is the quality and
uniformity of the final product. TSM’s overall solution; from
Computerised management of all recipe components
through to Air ring, bubble cooling and gauge control
systems, allows users to optimize the machine and cross
direction properties of the film and also to increase the
throughput of the total line.

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